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And Then Ego Caused Yet Another War.

[Image: Ukrainian Soldiers near Svitlodarsk | © NY Times]

As the world continues to recover after the last 2 years spent living with a pandemic, it is perhaps no surprise that the Russian invasion of Ukraine has affected people so deeply.

After all we have been through both individually and collectively these past 2 years, the news of yet another war beginning was a particularly hard blow to receive.

Whilst history (as always) is at play to some degree as a reason for the conflict, it is hard to go past the reality that Putin's ego is the real driver behind it all. Whilst it isn't the first time an ageing white male has felt the need to take a country into war, this time really does feel like the result of one person's ego and the fear that they have of losing power.

I fear that this particular conflict will not be a quick one. I also fear that the world could quickly lose interest in the aftermath of COVID and not stand by Ukraine as it faces up to the tyranny that Putin seems determined to bring to bear.

I hope the world doesn't lose interest. That we find a way to navigate the dangers that are likely to face us if Putin finds himself embroiled in a lengthy conflict. That a delicate balancing act can be found where we do all we can to support Ukraine, without the war escalating and dragging the whole region into conflict.

To finish on a more optimistic note, in Volodymyr Zelensky Ukraine seems to have found itself being led by a selfless and courageous leader. The type of person that the world could well do with more of.

I hope he is able to lead his people through the uncertain times ahead and that the vast majority of the world find the way to help him.


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