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Different projects require different skills. 

I recognise where my particular expertise lies and readily collaborate with other specialists to deliver the best possible advice to every client.


My network gives me access to a diverse range of experts that I can use on projects that need their specialised input.


Four organisations I currently work with on a more regular basis are Fairtrade, Philanthropy Squared, Destination Marketing Services (DMS) and TRC Tourism.


Fairtrade is an alternative approach to conventional trade based on a partnership

between producers and traders, businesses and consumers.

Philanthropy Squared is a management consultancy that enables clients to create and manage an organisational culture which will result in increased funding from supporters.

Destination Marketing Store is a consultancy focused on developing tourism as a driver for sustainable economic, cultural, community and social development - balanced against the need for long-term environmental stewardship.


TRC Tourism is a leading international tourism, conservation and recreation consulting business with offices in New Zealand and Australia.

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