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Re-setting After 8 Years Out on My Own.

[Image: Wallaga Lake, Bermagui | © Bega Valley Shire Council]

As my youngest daughter amazingly (frighteningly?) nears her 8th birthday, I'm reminded that my other 'baby', 2iis, is also nearing the 8th year of its' existence.

When I first set out on the journey that my business has taken me on, I had absolutely no idea what winding tributaries and raging floods I would have to navigate – and I certainly didn't anticipate the amazing array of people I would meet through the inspiring projects I have been privileged to be involved with.

From exploring the potential for Nature-based Tourism in the Coral Triangle, to helping a small community foundation find its' next 20 year mission. From exploring potential markets in the Asia-Pacific for Fiji's Fairtrade sugar, to helping Boehringer Ingelheim place the Sustainable Development Goals at the heart of their future business model.

It's been an inspiring, fascinating, terrifying and, yes, sometimes exhausting ride. And through it all never lost sight of how lucky I am to have the opportunity to meet so many dedicated, passionate and tireless change makers – all working in their own way to try and make this world just a little but better. It really is the most incredible privilege.

Now, as 2023 begins to unfold in earnest, I've found myself setting up a new office on the stunning Sapphire Coast – as good a place as any to continue my mission of helping people and organisations with purpose to thrive!

And as I set up anew, what better time to re-set my own goals and ambitions and re-energise after the past few years of COVID restricted life. To think afresh of how best I can use my know-how to help others have the greatest impact possible.

As I look out my slightly murky, yet-to-be cleaned office window I feel immensely proud of the projects I have been able to help out on in my own small way, but also impatient. Impatient for all the change I know needs to happen to create a world I'd be happy for my kids to inherit.

Impatient for fairness. Impatient for action on climate change. Impatient for equality. Impatient for the conflicts in Ukraine, Sudan, Afghanistan and 29 (yes 29) other countries to end. Impatient for an end to poverty. To homelessness. To genocide. To domestic violence...

I think I'd better get back to work...


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