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Can Israel & Palestine Ever Be At Peace?

[Image: The Aftermath of Bombing in Gaza | © Emmanuel Dumand]

As the news continues to roll in of the unfolding conflict in Gaza, I can't help but feel a degree of déjà vu having never lived in a time when there has been lasting peace between Palestine & Israel.

I've lived through so many conflicts as well as attempts to bring peace to the region, and, in fact, studied the region in some depth at University back in the early noughties, so know a little about the complexity of the various disputes in that region.

Despite this limited knowledge, I can't but help wish that things would change. That I wouldn't have to keep feeling this sense of gloomy déjà vu every decade or so.

This latest episode seems worse in some ways, perhaps because we hear so much more detail in the age of round-the-clock online reporting, but, for me, it seems that children are being much more harshly affected this time round than before.

I offer no analysis of the situation here – my knowledge is way too scanty for that – but rather offer my heartfelt wishes for the conflict to end as quickly as possible and for someone, somehow, to find a lasting path through the mire of distrust and history that stubbornly persists in the region.

It's times like these that my natural optimism are both a blessing and a curse – I continue to believe a solution is imminent, then get hit by the reality that it really isn't.

But really, underneath it all I just feel for the children suffering so much – innocent victims of history and human intransigence..


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