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2iis Consulting Logo
2iis Consulting Logo

2iis Consulting is an independent consultancy that helps organisations and individuals build solutions that change our world for the better.


Our world is under increasing pressure. Overpopulation, a changing climate, scarce resources, increasing social inequality, the globalisation of... everything. The pace and scale of change is often overwhelming.


Yet around the world there is a growing movement of people and their communities, NGOs, businesses, governments, entrepreneurs and social enterprises striving to find new ways to address the problems that plague us.


From the global to the local, people are experimenting with an inspiring array of ideas and solutions. Ways of building more balanced societies that meet social, economic and environmental needs are being explored. New techniques and technologies for sustainability are being crafted and commercialised. And commerce itself is changing, as forward–looking companies look for better, more inclusive ways to do business.


The world is complex and solutions seldom arrive neatly packaged, but, despite the significant challenges humankind clearly faces, there are signs of hope that we can (and will) piece together a prosperous, vibrant and sustainable society for future generations.


2iis exists to help those that are striving to create this future. To help find, build and accelerate the solutions to the challenges we face. To support the individuals, organisations, projects and partnerships that are changing our world for the better.

© Ekaterina Savtsova | Children Playing on a Makeshift Boat in Indonesia

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