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2iis Consulting Logo

| Building Solutions |

2iis Consulting advises Not–for–Profits, Social Enterprises, Businesses, Government Agencies, Community Organisations, Cleantech Innovators and Academic Institutions – and the individuals leading within them.


All the organisations and leaders I work with are looking to change the world for the better in some way – my focus is to help them find and build the solutions that will make these changes happen faster.


To do this effectively, I provide a tailored approach that draws on 7 key areas of expertise: Strategic Planning, Organisational Development, Research + Baseline Analysis, Future Pathways Analysis, Marketing + Brand Development, Fundraising + Income Generation and Project Planning.


Detail on each area of expertise can be found below, however the key to the approach lies in how relevant areas are combined to provide the best solution for every project.


Given the complexity of much of the work I do, I often collaborate with other specialists to ensure I provide the best possible advice to each client.


Read more about 2iis' tailored approach.

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+| Societal Transformation

+| Societal Transformation

Change the world? No problem.


I work with organisations that are striving to transform our world.


This includes helping them identify optimal growth strategies, working on turn-key projects and helping improve their overall effectiveness and impact.

+| Sustainability + Climate Change

+| Sustainability + Climate Change

I work on a broad range of societal and environmental challenges, from poverty to indigenous disadvantage to human sustainability.


However, I have a particularly deep understanding of sustainable development which informs the majority of projects I work on.

1| Strategic Planning

1| Strategic Planning

Organisation, project, brand & product – I've helped develop & execute successful strategies at varying scales.


I know how to make sense of complexity and build deceptively simple strategies to make sure what needs to get done, gets done.

2| Organisational Development

2| Organisational Development

I’ve helped a number of organisations re-invent themselves – or just evolve

to meet the shifting times.


This requires a detailed understanding of an organisations mission and goals, along with clear insights into existing structures to enable the necessory changes to be identified & implemented in a systematic way.

© Tom Olesnevich

3| Research + Baseline Analysis

3| Research + Baseline Analysis

Every project I work on involves research at some level, often to provide as clear a picture as possible so informed strategic decisions can be made. This ranges from Baseline Analysis to income/ fundraising analysis to specific research into barriers for growth.


An example of a recent Return on Investment Analysis can be found here.

4| Future Pathways Analysis

4| Future Pathways Analysis

This kind of analysis is a unique way for organisations to look beyond short–term operational horizons.

Focused beyond 2030, it explores the opportunities for accelerated impact, based on a tried & tested 2iis process.

An example of a recent Future Pathways Analysis can be found here.

5| Marketing + Brand Development

5| Marketing + Brand Development

From leading one of Australia’s most successful ever new product launches, to building a unique brand on a non-existent budget for a small not-for-profit, I know how to make branding and marketing integral to an organisation’s mission.

6| Fundraising + Income Generation

6| Fundraising + Income Generation

A large proportion of the projects I work on include a hard look at the numbers, to establish what is needed to "achieve mission".


From this an income or fundraising strategy can be developed, so the organisation I'm working with can get the funds it needs to get on with changing the world.

7| Project Planning

7| Project Planning

Great strategy, a strong vision and the passion to change the world are irrelevant if you don’t know how to ‘get stuff done’.


I’ve led multi-million dollar projects & initiatives run on the smell of an oily rag. All needed exceptional project planning skills to make happen.

+ | Cross-sector View + Collaborative Approach

+ | Cross-sector View +

Collaborative Approach

Having experience in each of these areas is useful, but equally important is the ability to step back and connect the dots. This has been a feature of my work over the past 2 decades – I’ve regularly worked across multiple sectors & collaborated with leaders in their field.

Read how these areas of expertise are integrated & how I work with partners to make sure my clients get the best advice possible.

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