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| The 2iis Approach |

One size rarely fits all. Every challenge needs a tailored approach  – whether you're a sector or country looking for sustainable long–term growth, social enterprise starting out, business looking to build purpose into your business model or a not–for–profit looking to accelerate your impact.


It all starts with the brief, that I spend longer than most making sure is right. It's here that I establish the approach and expertise your particular challenge needs. I'm never too proud to bring in others when needed – or to direct you elsewhere if I think 2iis isn't right for the job.


Once the parameters are set, I work closely with each client to deliver long–lasting outcomes that tend to be transformative in one way or another. Given the work I undertake focuses more on longer–term strategic change, I don't promise quick fixes. However, I'm outcome–driven, so am always looking for pragmatic solutions to every project I work on.


I work best when closely involved as part of a team, whilst maintaining the degree of separation necessary to deliver an independent and honest view.


I also believe in supporting the organisations I work with in some shape or form – whether through a regular donation, membership, subscription, pro bono support, volunteering or buying from their social enterprise.

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