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Remembering what we do it for.

[Icelandic River Series | Andre Ermolaev ]

As I came out of stable employment and daughter number 2 arrived, I was incredibly fortunate to have the chance to step back and remind myself about the breathtaking beauty of our planet and why it's worth fighting so hard to find a better way for humanity to exist here.

As part of this period of taking stock, I also re-discovered the work of an amazing Russian photographer whose work I first saw in 2014 whilst looking for imagery for some of The Climate Institute's work.

Andre Ermolaev is a semi-professional photographer whose body of work includes a series of aerial images of river systems in Iceland. The images he captures are often surreal, but always beautiful and many of them highlight the endless intricacy of nature on this planet. I found them inspiring when I first discovered them and even more so on the second viewing.

They serve as a constant reminder to me of how many corners of this world are worth preserving and how truly irreplaceable much of nature is. As a long-term student of Geography, I also just love the landscapes they capture so uniquely.

I contacted Andre Ermolaev to see if I could use one of his images for and was humbled to be offered the use of any of them for free. Alongside the inspiration his images have provided me, this generosity also reminded me of the other reason 2iis Consulting came about. That there are numerous generous, passionate and inspiring people on this planet who deserve a better future.

Andre Ermolaev is most certainly one of them and if you are looking for some images to reconnect you to the natural world we're all part of, I'd encourage you to buy one from him.

You'll also be supporting a genuinely deserving human being and helping him take more images of the fragile beauty of Planet Earth.

"This is just a river, just a volcano, just our planet.” Andre Ermolaev, 2012.

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