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Profiting from saving the world.

I often talk about the need to find solutions to the world's problems that also make a profit.

I realise that it isn't always possible to do, but if you're looking to find long-term, resilient solutions, then doing it in a way that makes someone a load of cash is a pretty sure fire way to make sure it happens.

Shared Value is one example of the type of paradigm shift we need if we are to successfully evolve from a society operating (to say the least) unsustainably, to one that better balances social, economic and environmental needs.

August 24 saw the Shared Value Project release its 2015 ‘State of Shared Value in Australia’ report.

Having attended many similar events in recent years, this didn't look particularly different and yet I came away with a real sense that perhaps Shared Value was about to finally start moving into mainstream Corporate Australia.

That's not to say there were an overwhelming number of corporates in the room. Nor that the report outlined a particularly robust Shared Value Sector (yet). However, there was an energy in the room and a quiet confidence on display that seemed to indicate Shared Value is only on an upwards trajectory.

Given it places the need to make a profit squarely at the centre of driving meaningful change, I for one will be nurturing the next phase of it's vulnerable growth trajectory as much as I can.

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