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Where to from here?

Astronaut footprints on the moon

[Astronaut Footprints on the Moon | Detlev Van Ravenswaay]

Our second child arrived in April.

Reason enough for pause and reflection and, like the arrival of our first, a life-affirming and life-changing moment wrapped up in one.

As this unfolded, I found myself faced with a decision on the slightly more mundane matter of my livelihood. For many years a loyal employee - albeit one taking a slighty less well-travelled career path - it seemed too easy to just get another job.

Having just spent 4 frenetic years in 'the climate trenches', I've seen first-hand the best and worst of humanity.

The ever-increasing risks of climate change forever ignored by most of those who would (should?) be leaders. The usual deep-pocketed suspects lining up to sow seeds of doubt and try to prevent us heading towards a brighter, cleaner future. A seemingly endless capacity for near-sightedness and a desperation to hold on to our current way of life - whatever the consequences.

On top of climate change, I've witnessed the growing gap between the "haves" and "have-nots"; so many hidden (and not-so-hidden) social issues demanding attention in Australia and around the world; and a growing sense that our communities are starting to fragment. And that's just 3 of the many areas demanding attention.

And yet...

I've also met hundreds of inspiringly smart and passionate individuals fighting for a better way.

Cleantech innovators and entrepreneurs finding new technologies and solutions, smart investors shifting their capital and senior business leaders reinventing the companies they work in.

I've seen amazing technical and societal innovation spring up all round the world - often in Australia, where the media is too often silent when it comes to celebrating it.

I've seen communities come together - in spite of the deep politicisation of many of the key issues in this country - and find ways to take the first steps towards the future they want to live in.

As my second daughter was fast approaching, this set me thinking and asking myself a few questions.

What is my place in the economic & societal (r)evolution that is starting to unfold?

How can I best use my skills to play the biggest part possible in making some of it happen?

How can I make sure I can look my daughters in the eye and answer 'yes' when they ask me if I did all I could to secure their future?

Helping as many organisations, individuals and communities trying to change as much of the world as they can was the answer I came up with. 2iis Consulting is my first attempt to do it.

And this blog is a way of amplifying the inspiring stories I come across along the way - because I've always believed emphasising optimism and hope is the best way to drive long-lasting change.

And we could certainly do with more of that right now.

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