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Climate Change, International Development, The Great Barrier Reef

2007 Onwards

In the last decade I have been involved in a number of projects either in partnership or funded by the Australian Government, primarily through the Department of the Environment.

These projects have included research into the impacts of Climate Change on the Cost of Living in Australia, a Socio–Economic Development project in the Coral Triangle focused on Nature–based Tourism and a multi–award winning project seeking to reduce the impacts of agriculture on the Great Barrier Reef to increase the Reef's resilience to Climate Change.

Given their complexity, these projects have often necessitated working with other levels of Government, whether at a local, state or International level. They have also often needed strong stakeholder skills and the ability to work with communities as well as businesses to find pathways to solutions that are not always clear–cut or simple.

The projects were undertaken with various partners including The Climate Institute, WWF, CHOICEThe Coca–Cola FoundationACOSS and CSIRO.

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