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Exploring the Potential for Sustainable Tourism Growth in the Great Lakes Region of New South Wales


February–June 2016

The Baseline Analysis of Tourism in The Great Lakes report summarises the current state of Tourism in the Great Lakes and explores some of the opportunities for sustainable Tourism growth in the region over the next 15–20 years. 


It was produced between February and June 2016 for Great Lakes Tourism as part of a broader project undertaken in collaboration with Destination Marketing Store (DMS) looking at a comprehensive Tourism Destination Management Plan for the region.


The analysis looks at global and national trends and their relevance to the region, as well as analysing key sectors including Nature-based and Adventure-based Tourism.


The report also explores a number of pathways for future sustainable tourism development and how they might be best developed.

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[ Full Report + Summary Presentation ]


Please contact 2iis if you experience difficulties downloading the report.

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Yagon Campground, Great Lakes
Dolphin Swims, Port Stephens–Great Lakes Marine Park
Smiths Lake, Great Lakes
View of Yacaaba Headland, Great Lakes
Crowdy Bay National Park, Diamond Head
One Mile Beach, Forster
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