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Philanthropic Growth Strategy & Organisational Development

August 2015 Onwards


In mid–2015 I became involved in a long–term project to explore the potential for diversifying the revenue streams of the Aboriginal Hostels Ltd (AHL).

This work included the development of a comprehensive fundraising & revenue generation strategy, with a particular focus on building income from Philanthropic sources.


Given the organisation has never explored the potential for securing revenue from outside its' traditional sources, it has also involved capacity and capability building for key staff members within the organisation.

The project was undertaken in partnership with Philanthropy Squared, a management consultancy that enables clients to create and manage an organisational culture which will result in increased funding from supporters.


Aboriginal Hostels Limited (AHL) is a company wholly owned by the Australian Government, which provides accommodation services to Indigenous Australians through a national network of hostels and accommodation facilities. Since 1973 its vision has been to improve the quality of life and economic opportunity for Indigenous Australians.

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