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Exploring Fairtrade's role in the Sustainable Development of the Asia–Pacific Region to 2030. A Discussion Paper.

June 2017 onwards


'Transforming Trade, Transforming Lives' is an ambitious vision that looks to accelerate the achievement of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the Asia–Pacific through a rapid scale–up of Fairtrade from 2018 through to 2030.


The project commenced in June 2017 with the creation of a discussion paper that explored Fairtrade’s potential transformational growth in the Asia–Pacific and the significant impact this could have on every Developing Country in the Region. It built on the considerable work that had already been undertaken by Fairtrade since the launch of the SDGs.

The Discussion Paper takes an initial look at the growth journey Fairtrade could take in the Asia–Pacific Region to 2030, the positive impact it could have on millions of vulnerable people along the way, and explores some of the questions that will need to be answered before that journey can begin.


It includes an initial analysis of Fairtrade's potential growth to 2030 in the Asia–Pacific Region and how working through the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) could help step–change this growth.

The Discussion Paper also explores some of the implications this potential growth could have on both Fairtrade in the Asia–Pacific and Fairtrade International.

The 'Transforming Trade, Transforming Lives' Discussion Paper can be downloaded below. Other relevant project documents including Partnership Presentation Templates, a Project Summary and Introduction are also available via clicking on the images below.

For further details, or to provide input to the Discussion Paper, please contact Molly Harriss Olson on


[High and Low Resolution Versions]

Please note that, due to the high level of file size reduction, the compressed file available below will include some slightly blurred graphics and images. Please use the high resolution version for printing.

Please contact 2iis if you experience difficulties downloading any of the files.


Hidayah of the KBQB Co-Operative, Indonesia | © Fairtrade
Global Portraits, Timor Leste | © Jake Lyell
Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate manufactured with Fairtrade Cocoa | © Fairtrade
Cocoa Smallholder in Sulawesi, Indonesia | © ICRAF/Yusuf Ahmad
Tea Plantation in the Cameron Highlands | © Global Streetbite
Sobur, a Certified Coffee Farmer in Indonesia | © Fairtrade
Farmers in the Philippines | © Veejay Villafranca |
HOAC Coffee Co–operative, PNG | © Fairtrade
Global Change, Local Leaderhip | © Fairtrade
Cotton Farming in Kyrgyzstan | © Fairtrade
SOFA in Sri Lanka | © SOFA
HOAC, Purosa Valley, PNG | © Fairtrade
HOAC | © Fairtrade
Kyrgyz People in Afghanistan | © Fairtrade
Coffee Cherry Training in PNG | © Fairtrade


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